Minister Joe Simon Outreach Ministries, NFP

Terms and Conditions

The Joe Simon Ministries' website is designed for the Minister Joe Simon Outreach Ministries, NFP (MJSOM) organization, a 501(C)3 organization. MJSOM is proud to bring you a website designed to customize your website experience and offer you content regarding Minister Joe Simon Outreach Ministries and a platform to donate to the Joe Simon National Voter Registration Drive governed by terms and conditions consistent with applicable governmental laws and regulations for making secured donations.

Privacy Policy

MJSOM believes that data it collects from its programs, products and services is an essential resource to furthering our mission and register millions of voters across the United States, enabling them to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Our mission is to also educate citizens on Early Voting, Voting Suppression, Voter ID requirements and to address an overall lack of interest in the political process by citizens who reside within 'Small Town USA'. MJSOM seeks to obtain data in a manner that allows it to use the data it collects in ways beneficial to the advancement of its mission and the benefit of the public. At the same time, MJSOM respects the rights of individuals to understand and direct how their private information can be used.

In pursuing these goals, all programs and activities of MJSOM that collect personally identifiable (PII), and other information at least as sensitive as PII, shall be designed and conducted to ensure that such PII is collected, stored, used, disclosed, and destroyed: (a) in full compliance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations; (b) used only with permission granted, where permission is required; (c) with commercially reasonable security protection based on the type of information; and (d) consistent with the MJSOM mission to register citizens to vote and help educate and inspire these citizens so that they will know why it is important that they should become (and remain) engaged in their Federal, State, County (Parish) and local governmental election processes.

Refund Policy

Your gift is a contribution that supports printing, publicity, mailing, staffing, travel expenses, program production and costs incurred in soliciting donations and are non-refundable.